Bemfixa New Packaging

Bemfixa Re-brand Design

Redesign of Visual Identity for a Tools and Accessories Company

This project may not reflect the views or plans of Bemfixa.

My main goal was to redesign the Bemfixa brand, making it visually stronger, more attention grabbing, and overall more powerful. Bemfixa is one of Brazil’s largest tool and accessory companies, specializing in home and professional repairs. Known widely as “Bricolage”, this company has proven to be a crucial component of the country’s construction market. 

In order to successfully represent a bigger and bolder brand, the design must maintain the functional attributes that are considered important by the clients. The design must also incorporate new, emotionally stimulating characteristics that appeal to a new generation of customer – predominantly women who enjoy completing small repairs within their households.


Bemfixa Screwdriver

The redesigned logo is far less technical than the previous logo. The redesign makes the brand seem far friendlier, and more relatable to consumers of “Bricolage”. Additionally, the brand logo is visually strong enough to appeal to professionals in the construction industry, as well as consumers of the Bemfixa product line. 

The logo is stronger in the sense that it conceptually exemplifies power via a robust and solid typography and intense, bright colors. The tight kerning on the logo lettering conveys boldness. Additionally, the product name “Bemfixa” literally translates to “well fixed”, which makes sense seeing as appliance fixture devices are the main products sold by the company.

Bemfixa Products


Bemfixa offers a wide variety of products for numerous construction needs, and thus must appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Because the consumer spectrum is so broad and widespread, the overall design needs to do more than simply strengthen the logo. The packaging and point of purchase must not only make the product identifiable to consumers, but also make the choice of which product to purchase seem exceedingly clear.

Keeping this in mind, I designed a color scheme that clearly and distinctly separates each product category. The color idea is implemented in numerous other brands in a highly unassertive way, frequently employed so faintly that the attempts go unnoticed by potential consumers. In this new proposal, the Bemfixa colors are so bold, expressive, and demanding that they gain a new level of importance in marketing strategy.

Bemfixa Highlight
Bemfixa Products

The new redesign of the website will incorporate similar color schemes, with additional eye-catching and emotionally enticing elements that appeal specifically to consumers the brand is targeting. Black is essential in provoking and maintaining a serious and confident mood while the vibrant colors add fun, vibrancy, and youthfulness. Additionally, the shape (silhouette) of the tools and the tool assortments provides a crucial coherency in regards to the visual identity of the products. All of these optically stimulating components work in harmony to convey the overall mood and tone potential consumers will respond to.


Client: Bemfixa
Agency: LEN Comunicação e Branding
Role: Logotype, Brand Design, Packaging, UI, Digital Design
Status: Unused Proposal

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