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Overloadr is an independently owned and run website revolving around video games and pop culture. The visual concept was initially created based on a literal interpretation of the word “overload”.

During initial stages of research, it was observed that this specific word bore somewhat negative connotations. According to the dictionary, the word means, “Everything that goes beyond the limit – too much”. The company wanted to reference that in current times, information is available in such a fast, widespread, and inexpensive way that individuals tend to suffer information overload. As a result, the need to filter information and discern what is important has become great.


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The ability of the consumer to judge clearly and sensibly is the key factor behind the creation of the Overloadr logo. A brand that successfully summarizes and conveys the idea of an information overload while exemplifying accessibility of information (such as pop culture and video games, specifically) is the main goal of the overall website rebranding. 

The hub element was chosen predominantly because of its essential use in digital media, as well as its ability to graphically translate the process of information diffusion.

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The unique and original design of the logo sought to differentiate itself from figurative elements in order to accurately represent the hub concept. Using very basic geographical forms gave the brand visually inspiring features and unconventional, modern, and dynamic design. The logo also succeeded in distancing itself from negative associations aroused by the word “overload” – creating novel and highly positive overtone and connotation.

In addition to the website, all other points of brand contact have been reinstituted to include characteristics of modern and personable colors. These colors in particular also serve in organizing information and content on the site – so they will be familiar and relatable to users. 

Another crucial feature of the overall brand communication is to clearly depict to users that despite the vast amount of information available in the world of media today, the Overloadr site is the place to find everything one may desire relating to video games and pop culture.

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Client: Overloadr
Agency: Freelance
Role: Brand Design, Webdesign, Digital Design
Coworkers: Agência Bond (Web Development), Ronnie Pedra (Motion)
Status: Concept and Design Approved

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