Ultimo Segundo Re-Brand

Último Segundo Re-Brand

Re-Brand of Brazilian Web-Based News Channel

Meaning “the last second” in Portuguese, the Ultimo Segundo Channel has quickly become the most looked to IG group for the accurate delivery of breaking news. Ultimo Segundo has partnered with several international news and content producing agencies, allowing the company to quickly and comprehensively cover every newsworthy event in Brazil and across the world. 

Ultimo Segundo has had to work relentlessly to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing current Internet trends. In 2010, IG invested in several professionals who assisted in producing content unique to the company. The reporting team doubled and the company opened additional branches in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. Since the internal restructuring began, IG has hired a total of 90 professional content writers, bringing the number of employees to 210 altogether. Dozens of technological professionals have since joined the team, again expanding the company as a whole.

Because the company has undergone so many drastic changes over the course of the past several years, Ultimo Segundo is in need of an image readjustment – one that is current with additional investments. In order to reconstruct the brand successfully, a new visual identity is needed – one that is not only more attractive to the average web surfer, but one that grabs the attention of consumers and evokes a sense of urgency and importance.


Logo Development

Aside from the importance of these visual facets, it was established that the well-known visual symbol, the clock, should continued to be used in the reconstructed logo – while being altered to visually adapt the ever-evolving Internet of Brazil. 

The agreed upon proposal maintained the red watch – a visually strong, relevant, and consistent (thus recognizable) element of the Ultimo Segundo logo. However, a less literal graphic approach – eliminating the clock hands and distinct hour markers – would highlight the second right before the clock strikes the next hour (visually representing “the last second”).

Colors Ultimo Segundo
Brand Guide Ultimo Segundo

The typography that was used prior to the rebrand was not accurately conveying dynamism and agility – attributes the brand was trying to communicate. As a solution, the typestyle should be made more contemporary, with a more serious and straightforward font improving readability and creating an (ironically) timeless association. This font will also evoke trust and accountability in the brand amongst consumers. 

The new graphic design of the channel will serve as a continuation of the proposal initially created for IG, though the journalistic nature of the brand will undergo several significant adaptations and adjustments – resulting in the most graphically functional website possible without risking compromising graphic quality.

Ultimo Segundo Highlight
Website Areas
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Ultimo Segundo Studios
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As far as the online journalism segment goes, creating content that is different than the content of competitors is by far the most essential aspect of renovation. Being remembered by consumers is essential, and it is becoming more and more difficult as competition continues to increase. 

The goal of revamping the brand identity is to create visual and conceptual associations that embody all brand contact points – including, but not limited to, the brand logo. Ultimo Segundo has the potential to become a globally recognized brand. In order to make the company recognizable and trusted worldwide, it needs to be visually stronger, more memorable, different from that of its competitors, and relatable. Through a succinct and well-defined proposal, the process of communication between the brand and the market has the potential to be far more effective than it ever was previously.

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Client: iG / Último Segundo
Agency: iG Creative Team (In House)
Role: Visual Identity and Brand Design
Coworkers: Rodrigo David (Editor), Luiz Ribalta (Editor), André Visockis, Ari Oliveira, Bruna Farme, Daniel Tremontini, Gabriela Invernizzi, Leandro Rodrigues, Luis Vilela, Maurivan Luiz, Murilo Junqueira
Status: Concept and Design Approved

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